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Tale in the Reality

My life have been a hectic for a past few months.... I feel like I'm slipping from my own goal and left behind. See my friend out there in the world participate with every opportunity that comes and given to us. That limited experience that I cant get or try to grasp but didn't hold nor try hard enough to have it. You can call it depression but I call it... emptiness. I don't feel sad about it, I didn't think it will effect my life. I just think that the opportunity is not for me to hold yet. maybe I'm not ready to grasp those responsibility? maybe He knows where is my limit and want me to be patient until my opportunity comes.

No I don't mean I have to seat still and wait for it tumbling down to my feet. I am chasing all those opportunity but somehow I didn't be able to win it. This what bums me out a little. However I won't give up and try to improve. I am an impatient person but I'm also a hard headed, stubborn person. I just refuse to give up when I lose, I will still stand up and try to run again to win something. This is the world full of competition in any way of life. in any career or opportunity you pursue. Its tiring, I know but that is life, those who give up life will never achieve their dream. Work hard, be positive and never give up, even life sometimes or most of the time been hard on you. bully you just to see how far you can do before u giving up.

But sorry life. 

I am not that kind of girl.

and So do you.

To those who read this, I know life can be hard sometimes and you feel like its to overwhelm for you to handle but trust this writer who has too many problem in her life which you guys dont know cuz i never told you lol. I have too many problem in life, competitions, career and family that has never ending, chain of problem that I just feel like giving up at times. even see my friend right beside me right now doing so fucking good in her design makes me wanna puke because its too good and thinking if all I do all this time are good enough? Am I even a designer to have this crappy design? All things I do, I see it as a trash, rubbish. Don't get me wrong, I love my trash but I still think I can do better. Again, be patient and never give up. I told myself I can improve next time, its part of the process....

yeah... part of the process...

means, I still be left behind than my other studiomates even if I have improve... I'm still on step behind. Always actually... 

and I know their compliment are just an encouragement for me not to feel sorry myself.

They need to stop cuz I know I didn't deserve it.

I will accept them if I feel I deserve it.

call me ungrateful but that's what I think. I wont recieve empty compliments without me doing hard to earn it. 

Am rambling and my work will not finish if I continue this.... LOL Welp, see you guys on the next inner thought of the writer!! this was written because of this writer been doing her assignment non-stop and need a little break from her work and rambling nonsense!

P/S: Don't worry, I'm fine really. just need to write down something for nothing. Huhuhuhuhuhuhu see you guys on the next page! *kisses*  

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